Recondition Old Headlamps

Don’t stress over buying new headlights, recondition them! We’ll give your headlight the shine it had 5 years ago by sanding and buffing them. Having clear headlight lens’s will help make your vehicle look better and keep you safe.

$50 per headlight

Recondition Alloy Rims

Are your alloy wheels damaged from curb damage? Corrosion? Scratches? We can fix them! Don’t blow your pay check on new rims, repair the ones you have!

$150-$175 per rim

Protect Your Paint

Rocks are the #1 cause of chips to your paint. Protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle and prolong its life with a clear film. The front bumper, hood, fenders and mirrors will be protected from all kinds of debris.

$695.00 for most models

Add a Pinstripe

Want your vehicle to stand out? Add a pinstripe to the side! We offer painted and taped pinstripes.

$75.00 – taped pinstripes

$150.00 – painted pinstripes

Gold Plate Emblems

Turn those chrome emblems into gold emblems! A 24 karat gold material is applied to your current emblems, logos, etc., to give your vehicle a luxury look. Prices may vary.

$150.00 for the first emblem

$50 for each emblem after that

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