Standard Insurance Procedure

  • Contact your insurance company to inform them of the claim, they will want to look at the damage of your vehicle before it’s repaired.
  • An appraiser will come inspect the damage, or have you drive to an insurance “Drive-In” location (if the vehicle is not drivable, your insurance company will inspect your vehicle at our body shop, tow yard or wherever it may be).
  • Once the insurance company inspects the vehicle, they will give you a copy of the estimate (or mail you a copy). This estimate is what we will use to repair your vehicle.
  • If we find additional or missed damage, we will contact your insurance company once the vehicle is in the body shop. This is called a supplement, which can be additional parts that were not visible until the car was disassembled, or a price increase for a specific part.
  • The insurance company will then inspect the vehicle for a 2nd time with a representative from the body shop.
  • We can then continue with all the repairs that are needed.